Vi-Ability is proud to announce its first micro-investment to support a female entrepreneur set up her own social enterprise.

On Women’s Entrepreneurship day Vi-Ability visibly demonstrated its on-going commitment to support individuals achieve their goals through an agreement, which will see Vi-Ability commit a micro-investment for Jo Clay to kick-start a social enterprise.

volunteer of the year
Over the last 18 months Jo has worked for Vi-Ability as the operations manager, in Tamil Nadu, South India and has successfully built a strong presence for Vi-Ability in working in partnership with Indian based social enterprise Silo India.

Through her role Jo was able to successfully support Silo India to not only establish themselves as a thriving and stable social enterprise, but to set up a high quality international volunteer program of which 16 of our young people directly benefitted.

From funding received through ‘Gwirvol’, Vi-Ability successfully placed 16 young people from Wales, many of whom were unemployed, to complete month long volunteer placement in India.  Through this placement all 16 individuals developed their skills, confidence and knowledge and have all successfully secured and sustained employment on their return to the UK.  Equally these young people have had a profound and lasting impact on the local communities in which Silo India operate.

To build on this strong foundation Vi-Ability will now work in partnership with Jo to support her to set up her own enterprise.

The ethos and social objective of the company will be to empower individuals to achieve their personal goals and ambitions.  By doing so creating a society where people are more willing to support each other and the communities in which they live and work.  Firmly based on the principles of freedom, opportunity and choice.

Initially the company will focus on three distinct aspects, life coaching, international work-based opportunities and empowerment projects in the rural communities of India.

The company will be registered in Wales and will have a strong presence in both the UK and India. The company will commence trading in early 2016.

Vi-Ability will retain and grow its presence in India through commissioning this new enterprise to deliver products and services.

Founder & CEO Kelly Davies said: “This is an exciting time for both companies, and we wish Jo every success in this forthcoming venture. We also hope this will be the first of many investments Vi-Ability makes in budding entrepreneurs and the future change makers of the world”

See more of the work Vi-Ability and Jo has been doing in india here!

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