It is only after much encouragement (aka pressure) from friends and family that I have decided to start documenting my time in Indian on a public scale.

I’m not sure many people have the aspiration to ‘Live the Indian dream’ and I’m pretty sure 18 months ago I had no idea what that would even mean never mind be something that I would want to pursue.  But here I am 7 months into a sabbatical, 18 months after I first visited India doing just that!  Living, travelling, volunteering in India, trying to make sense of this crazy country and why I and so many other westerners love it so much.

Here’s a quick summary of the website and its content

Front page; will include the latest news as I work with Silo India to help establish an international volunteer/tourism project

Journey so far; group emails I sent home over the last 7 months

Volunteering; general tips on finding a volunteer project and direct link to Silo India

Travelling in India; practical tips that I’ve picked up since being here.  The things that you just can’t find in the Lonely Planet

Published blogs; grand title at the moment but you never know what might end up in this section

Hope you enjoy!


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